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配音 / 旁白錄音 / 混音
Dubbing / Voice Over Recording / Mixing

DoubleDouble 提供各類型專業配音服務,包括廣告配音、企業產品配音、電影配音、紀錄片配音、電視劇配音、出版社教材配音、動畫配音、場地廣播、動漫製作錄音、遊戲軟件角色配音等。我們的配音團隊成員均擁有豐富配音經驗,並以粵語、國語、英語、日語、法語、德語、意大利語、西班牙語、葡萄牙語、俄語、泰語、菲律賓語、越南語、馬來西亞語、印尼語等語言為母語的專業演員擔任配音工作。我們同時代辦配音稿和翻譯稿,提供字幕、配樂、剪輯及特別效果等後期製作服務。

DoubleDouble provides various types of professional voice over dubbing services, including dubbing for TV commercials, enterprise products, movies, documentaries, TV dramas, radio commercials, teaching materials, animated movies, announcements as well as game characters and so on. Our voice talents are professionals that possess extensive dubbing experiences, they are native speakers of Cantonese, Putonghua, English, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Thai, Philippine Tagalog, Vietnamese, Indonesia Bahasa etc. In addition, we also provide post-production services including subtitles, soundtrack, editing and special effects.


拍攝 / 影片剪接 / 字幕 / 影音格式轉換
Filming / Video Editing / Subtitling / Mutimedia Format Conversion


DoubleDouble provides shooting and production for government publicity video, corporate video and TV commercials as well as 2D /3D animation production and multimedia format conversion services. We aim to provide one-stop professional services including script writing, artist recruitment, film crew management, broadcasting, editing and dubbing plus post-production for clients so as to save their time and money.


配音稿翻譯 / 撰稿 / 聽打
Dubbing Script Translation / Copy Writing & Editing / Transcription


Narration is an integral part of most of the television commercials and promotional videos. While clear and melodious narration depends on creative imagination and good writing skills. We provide professional voice over script copy writing, dubbing script translation and transcription services for our clients in order to help them to promote their Company and services to customers and attract audiences' attention in different contexts.


原創歌曲 / 配樂 / 聲效創作
Creation of Original Song / Background Music / Sound Effect


DoubleDouble has a professional music creation and production team. We provide first-class original works of pop music, orchestral symphony, national symphony theme music, movies and TV programme music and music for TV commercial etc.



Some of the voice talents of DoubleDouble are professional television or drama actor/actress, we can provide customers with first-class actors/actresses and MCs. Therefore, our clients can have a flexible and diverse selection in DoubleDouble and enjoy a one-stop production services.

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