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           About Us

DoubleDouble是香港其中一間最為專業的配音及拍攝製作公司。我們的服務包括影視配音、電視廣告配音、宣傳短片配音、動畫配音、拍攝及後期製作(剪片、聲效、配樂創作、動畫設計、字幕製作)錄音室租用,並同時提供專業影片格式轉換、配音文稿聽打、配音文案撰寫、配音文稿翻譯與司儀服務。我們憑藉多年豐富經驗和真誠的態度,贏得眾多知名商業機構及公司的肯定與讚賞。 我們植根香港,亦與中國內地、海外多間企業、電視台建立長期合作夥伴關係,提供全面及專業的製作服務。

DoubleDouble is one of the professional voice over, dubbing and filming production companies. Our services mainly include dubbing and voice over recording for TV commercial, documentaries, promotional video, animation etc.; filming and post-production services (video editing, sound effect, background music creation, animation design and production, subtitling); and studio rental as well as video conversion, video transcription, dubbing script writing and editing, voice over script translation and MC services.With our intensive experiences and conscientious attitude, we have received recognition and affirmation from various well-known entities in commercial world.We rooted in the city of Hong Kong and have established a long-term partnership with a number of local and foreign enterprises to provide comprehensive and professional production services.

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